Having a seamless integration of the project management tool with your VCS just improves the overall productivity of your team. Apart from the obvious uses and benefits, it also increases visibility and promotes ownership.

I recently setup JIRA and wanted to integrate Gerrit with it. I’ve listed down the steps for setting up both of these tools and their integration in this post for anyone looking to do the same. On the Gerrit side of things, I used a plugin called its-jira to extract the issue ID from commit messages and then post the commit status on the issue page in JIRA.

JIRA Setup

  • Download JIRA
  • The installation will guide setup procedure.
  • Create a new user for Gerrit to use and note down its credentials
  • Install MeetMe plugin if you want a preview of all the commits on Gerrit related to a specific issue on the issue’s page
  • Setup Gerrit credentials for the MeetMe’s Gerrit plugin by going to
    Settings > Add-ons > Gerrit Settings

Gerrit Setup

  • The simplest way to get Gerrit up and running is to use an image from Dockerhub.
    docker pull openfrontier/gerrit:2.14.x
  • Spawn a container
    docker run \
      --name gerrit \
      -e WEBURL=http://<host_ip>:8080 \
          -v ~/gerrit_volume:/var/gerrit/review_site \
          -p 8080:8080 \
          -p 29418:29418 \
  • Install plugins
    sudo docker exec -it gerrit bash
    cd $GERRIT_SITE/plugins/
    # its-base
    wget https://gerrit-ci.gerritforge.com/view/Plugins-stable-2.14/job/plugin-its-base-bazel-stable-2.14/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/bazel-genfiles/plugins/its-base/its-base.jar
    # its-jira
    wget https://gerrit-ci.gerritforge.com/view/Plugins-stable-2.14/job/plugin-its-jira-bazel-stable-2.14/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/bazel-genfiles/plugins/its-jira/its-jira.jar
  • Apply its-jira configuration to all projects in the Gerrit UI.
    [plugin "its-jira"]
      enabled = true
  • Apply its-jira configuration in the gerrit.config
    vi $GERRIT_SITE/etc/gerrit.config
  • Add these lines
    [plugin "its-jira"]
      association = MANDATORY
    [commentlink "its-jira"]
      match = ([A-Z]*-[1-9][0-9]*)
      html = "<a href=\"http://<JIRA_IP>:<JIRA_PORT>/browse/$1\”>$1</a>"
  • Add the credentials of JIRA user in gerrit.config
      username = gerrit
      password = gerrit
  • Add rules in actions.config
    mkdir -p $GERRIT_SITE/etc/its/
    vi $GERRIT_SITE/etc/its/actions.config
  • And add these lines:
    [rule "rule1"]
      event-type = change-merged
      action = add-standard-comment
    [rule "rule2"]
      event-type = comment-added
      approvalCodeReview = -2,-1
      action = add-comment Oh my Goodness! Someone gave a negative code review in Gerrit on an associated change.
  • Restart Gerrit to apply all the changes
    sudo docker restart gerrit


  • Gerrit 2.15 does not support DraftPublished Event. This causes the its-jira plugin to crash. Downgrading Gerrit to 2.14 solves the problem.