Distributed Databases

Databases are one of the more challenging aspects of scaling a service. A monolithic database could meet the requirements in the start, but as the application scales, a single database tends to become the bottleneck. Apart from scaling, there might also be other situations where a single database architecture is... [Read More]

Quick intro to PSK

I was watching a video on YouTube about the Internet’s networking infrastructure, and it got me thinking: “What is the modulation method used by modern electronic devices to communicate with networking hardware?”. The pursuit of an answer took me deep into the rabbit-hole that is communication theory. [Read More]


Oranges are orange, water is wet, and observability is a best SRE practice. Applications today comprise of multiple independent sub-systems in the form of distributed microservices, that are in the case of containerization, more ephemeral. Having visibility of these individual components, their performance and behaviors is key in designing and... [Read More]